Surviving Winter 3 & 4

Showroom Brisbane - Photography by Autumn.

Showroom Brisbane - Photography by Autumn.

3. Showroom Brisbane

Our next tip would be taking a little time for you, we just love the creative space at Showroom Brisbane and think you will too. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big smoke and escape upstairs at 104 Edward Street. The gorgeous shop is filled with light and lots of little bits and bobs to treat yourself to or maybe a gift for a friend or lover. Below are a few of our favourites (it was hard to stop at 5), head to their website or instagram and see for yourself.

Dosha Balancing Kapha Tea
We love the "Dosha Balancing Kapha Tea" when we are looking for something cosy and nourishing but have hit our daily quota for caffeine. The Broad Place's herbal tea blend is an invigorating mix that kick starts the mind and body and will warm you from the inside out. Find it here.

Soak Society Soak
Soak Society's original wellness soak combines the freshness of peppermint, the cleansing qualities of rosemary, the calming and anti-inflammatory properties of juniper berry, and zesty bergamot to promote detoxification and soothe your soul. It contains 100% natural ingredients and we love it for a soak and relax after a big and busy day in the chilly concrete jungle. Find it here.

Ceramic Candles
In winter there is nothing better than lighting a candle after a long day, which is why we chose these gorgeous candles from "The Candle Library". We just love the ceramic mugs which are handmade by Australian potters and designed to be used long after the flame goes out. Our ideal situation would be a soaking in a hot tub with some "Soak Society" and one of these babies burning. Find it here.

Scarves and Wraps
The "Once was Lost" Ethopian hand woven scarves are our idea of a winter necessity. Perfectly paired with any outfit (for us it's our #activewear), whether you need an extra layer in the morning fog or just want to throw on a practical accessory Showroom has got you sorted. Find them here.  

Bee One Third Honey & wooden stick
As you know at KTB we love local and are using Bee One Third honey in store on our acai bowls. Bee One Third are Brisbane's urban beekeeping pioneers. With European beehives on rooftops, in backyards and community spaces, each jar captures the flavours of neighbourhoods around South East Queensland. You can buy your own little pot in store at Showroom and we could resist the honey stick too - I mean come on how cute is that! Find them here and here!

4. Shri Yoga Meditation Express

Experience deep rest and relaxation for mind, body and soul. Meditation is a rich and nourishing form of self-care and is perfect for balancing out your more dynamic practices. In these guided meditations you don’t have to still your mind or calm yourself down. Instinctive Meditation encourages you to explore your own natural rhythms, to find the most deeply replenishing ways to restore balance in your day.

Wednesdays at 4.30pm-5.15pm and Tuesday from 7.10pm-7.40pm. Express classes are just $10!

Photo: Pete Longworth

Photo: Pete Longworth

Surviving Winter: 1 & 2

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing our best tips for surviving winter in Brisbane! First up is Barre Body Brisbane's newest class and our berry own KTB Chai Turmeric Latte.

1. Barre Body Brisbane
Why not try out Barre Body’s newest class! Barre Fit is a fitness based class, using big, dynamic movements and constant cardio, combined with that famous burn from our beloved body sculpting barre exercises. Using resistance bands at the barre, you’ll work your muscles like never before, while moving quickly to maintain a fast heart rate. The result? Incredible toning and fabulous cardiovascular fitness. If that doesn’t warm you up we don’t know what will!

Book in for a class via their website or find Barre Body on Instagram @barrebody 

2. KTB Chai Turmeric Latte
We are berry excited about our newest addition to the KTB menu our “Chai Turmeric Latte”. With all the anti-inflammatory benefits of a Turmeric Latte combined with the delicious and warming chai it’s the perfect way to cozy you up from the inside out on the chilly winter mornings (plus it’s super good for you!) Why not give it a try next time you visit either of our stores.  

Have a berry great week! KTB Team

Morning with our Produce Supplier Peter Marinos

Peter Marinos from Big Michael's and KTB Co-Founder Keziah.

Peter Marinos from Big Michael's and KTB Co-Founder Keziah.

“Keziah! Special K! How are you?!” an upbeat and energetic voice shouts through the phone at me. I’m calling our fresh fruit supplier at 9am, just to check what fruits will be available next season for our new menu. I know he has been awake since 11pm the night before packing and delivering produce, so why is he so bubbly and excited?It’s because he is extremely passionate. He wants to know how we are all going at the shop, if we are having any troubles with the product and always assures me to always contact him if ever there are any troubles.

Peter Marinos is a young greek who has been in the fresh fruit and veg distribution business in Brisbane for 6 years. When he was 17 he had friends who owned restaurants and they would constantly tell him their problems in not being able to receive good quality fresh fruit and veg with quality service. Peter jumped at this opportunity and took his own ute out to the markets 2 days a week (as he was still studying and had his own job) only to supply these 2 very friends. 

Soon enough the word had spread around within the community and Peter decided to take on this business and run with it. “I’m very thankful and appreciate everyone who has supported me throughout my journey, especially to all my friends and family. The Greek community own a fair few restaurants and they really helped me out in the beginning. Greeks: we love coming together and eating together, we revolve everything around food, it’s a bonding experience. We eat, laugh, love and enjoy all of our beautiful foods together and I want others to experience this.” 

Upon arrival to Big Michael’s facility out at Rocklea, Peter is munching on a banana. “I’m lucky I have beautiful fresh fruits available all the time to snack on! I always turn to bananas though­ they’re easy and give me energy. I started work last night at midnight (it was now 10:30am the next day) so I need the help to keep me going. 

He’s quite a character, always has a smile on his face and loves to joke around. His favourite part of the job is stirring people up in the market place­ bartering and fooling around. The farmers send their produce to one end of the market and the buyers will check all produce and buy what they seek. Peter reassures me that he generally will only buy from the farmers he has a relationship with and knows where the product is coming from. He likes to buy locally so any farms within the South East Queensland range.

“I’m not concerned about the figures and the profit at the end of the day. I always make sure that my customers get the best produce at a fair price. I take real pride in my customers having faith in me and in return I will always provide them with a fantastic product.”

Big Michael’s has supplied KTB with fresh fruit and veg since 2014 when we first entered Brisbane City with our temporary pop up store on Adelaide St. Fresh fruit is such a major ingredient in our beautiful bowls, it’s very important to us that it is fresh, sustainably harvested and very important we are supporting the farmers. We like that Peter knows where the product is from and also that we are supporting local businesses. He delivers to the stores daily, fresh from the farmers markets.

“When the girls first approached me I immediately wanted to know their story. As a young business owner myself, I immediately had respect for them. It’s tough out there, but we both have the exact same passion, essentially. We’re both providing good quality fresh products for all consumers out there. We’ve both grown and expanded together so it’s been one hell of a ride for the both of us I think.”

5 Minutes with Dan from Fonzie Abbott

January Supplier of the Month: Dan from Fonzie Abbott Coffee

January Supplier of the Month: Dan from Fonzie Abbott Coffee

KTB: Summarise yourself in one sentence. Who is Dan Pappas? What does he do?
Dan: Dan Pappas is a dreamer. 

KTB: Where did your passion for coffee derive from? What made you decide to start Fonzie Abbott coffee roasters? 
Dan: My passion started when I was working at a cafe when I was younger. It was a busy little cafe and I loved the challenge of different tasting coffee and how to change the flavour with different methods. 

KTB: How long has Fonzie Abbott been serving for?
 August 2011 is when I opened the doors to my first espresso bar. It was 40m2 and had a 6kg roaster. 5 years down the track and I still have that original Fonzie Abbott espresso but have upgraded to a 25kg roaster as well as a roasting facility in Albion with a cafe attached.  

KTB: What keeps you motivated and passionate about what you do?
Dan: I love travel and surfing, I’m extremely passionate about experiencing the world and what it has to offer and I am lucky enough to be able to do those things together, travel to surf and source and taste more beans! I actually don’t believe there is such thing as a perfect coffee so I’m forever searching for new flavour profiles and trying different things!

KTB: What do you enjoy doing that keeps your life balanced?
Dan: If and when I get time to be balanced i like to surf or be in the ocean, motocross and boxing keep me fit and above all my 10 month old son keeps me very balanced.

KTB: Your favourite KTB Bowl? 
Dan: Original. Can’t take away from the original and the best.

KTB: What makes you most excited about now working with Kiss the Berry? 
Dan: It's great to work with two young business women who are delivering a product which is at the top of there field. The brand is tasty and based around lifestyle and feeling fit healthy and happy — and the girls rock! 

KTB: Where does your dream for Fonzie go from here?
Dan: From here we are going to try to import all our own coffee from origin, which means lots of travel to countries where there is great surf. Bigger dreams buying a coffee farm in Nicaragua, then a brewery... and then a gin/vodka distillery. 

Photography by The Autumn Co.

The Unrefined

Nicola and Jess from @the__unrefined, one of Brisbane's most popular sugar-free Instagram accounts, have teamed up with Kiss the Berry to launch The Unrefined bowl! We sat down with the girls to get the low down on their newly created bowl, its significance and their connection to Share the Dignity. In between mouthfuls of acai, we also got the 101 on their health, business and personal goals for the next year. 

KTB: Congrats on making it through your first year of business! What does 2016 hold in store for The Unrefined?
The Unrefined: A lot! At the moment we're diversifying our granola and we'll be releasing some very out-of-the-box flavours in the coming months. We're also working on a separate product altogether to tie in with The Unrefined Cycle (our eBook)… stay tuned!

KTB: How did The Unrefined begin?
The Unrefined: It all started when both of us decided to go cold turkey on sugar for thirty days (we actually followed Sarah Wilson's iQuitSugar guide!). Nicola was fed up with breakouts and low blood sugar, and Jess was completely over her constant cravings and mood swings. We decided we’d rid our body of sugar for just one month and then introduce it back into our diet in smaller, less-frequent doses. Surprisingly, we actually never ended up reintroducing it back into our diets! We found we no longer had cravings for sugar and we had developed recipe/snack solutions for those times of the month when we did (avocado-cacao mousse tartlets and raw refined sugar free snickers slice). After going just one day without it and experiencing severe side-effects of moodiness, weakness, headaches and even depression, we realised we needed to spread the word and our own experiences and write a blog about it. Enter… The Unrefined. We were surprised at the level of interest in our recipes and how fast our instagram grew but once we started growing, everything snowballed. We developed the granola, the swimwear and the eBook and we continued to receive a good response from our followers so decided to quit our full-time jobs and focus on The Unrefined full-time. 

KTB: We're very happy and excited to partner with you and Share the Dignity to produce “The Unrefined Bowl” (a delicious blend of acai, banana, avocado, spinach, kale and coconut water topped with COYO, apple, kiwifruit and of course, The Unrefined granola). What made you choose the ingredients in this bowl?
The Unrefined: The bowl is actually one of our staples! When we first started the business and were writing the eBook we were honestly so time poor! We'd get home from our 9-5pm jobs, go straight to training (Training for Results), get home and sit down and start writing and brainstorming. During this period the easiest thing to make (with plenty of vitamins and minerals and protein) were green bowls! We would put all of The Unrefined bowl's ingredients plus vegan protein powder and sometimes a scoop of peanut butter. We are still obsessed to this day and have it at least once a week. The recipe definitely has a lot of meaning to us :). 

KTB: What is your connection to Share the Dignity and why did you decide to donate a percentage of proceeds from your eBook to the charity? (50 cents from every The Unrefined bowl goes to the Share the Dignity charity).
The Unrefined: We chose Share the Dignity not only because of its strong connection with our eBook and the topic of menstruation, but also because it is a charity that sheds light on an issue that we believe is very close to every woman’s heart. An issue we feel is very much overlooked in society. When we first decided to write an eBook on the menstrual cycle, what we found interesting and insightful to talk about was to other people, more often than not met with awkwardness. To put a stop to this awkwardness and to try to reduce the stigma associated with menstrual cycles, we decided to dedicate Instagram posts and blog posts to discussing such topics (AKA George or our Period) and somewhat normalise the subject.

No woman, regardless of whether that are homeless, should suffer the indignity of not being able to access sanitary items.

KTB: What advice do you have for anyone interested in following a healthy lifestyle?
The Unrefined: 
Try to find a way to enjoy yourself. A lot of people put so much emphasis on staying healthy and exercising that it becomes an unhealthy obsession. The key to exercise is to find something that you love doing – we both look forward to getting home and going for a run, going to the gym after work or doing a session of yoga. It’s very therapeutic and is a great way to sort your thoughts out.

The best advice we can give anyone for following a healthy diet is to allow yourself the occasional indulgence. Wanting what you can’t have is life’s dilemma however, if you’re body is craving something it usually means it is deficient in a certain nutrient! This is particularly true for women at “that time of the month”. Give your body what it needs!  

KTB: What is your number one goal for the next year?
The Unrefined: To grow! In everything we do. This whole year has been one massive journey and learning experience and we can't wait to see what's in store this year. 

Take 10 with Brodie the Yogi

Yoga is one of those things you really need to do a few times to give it a proper go. Between the omming, the downward dogs and the happy babies at first it can seem a little bit much. But trust me - go back a second time and then even a third and you'll be hooked. To give you a little insight into the happenings of a yogi I interviewed Brodie Rees. Hip Hop dancer by night and yoga lover and instructor by day, our girl Brodie shares her story with how she found yoga and why you should just give it a go.

If you had to describe yourself in three words what would they be?

That's a hard one! Personality wise - bubbly, loving and trustworthy

When did you first fall for yoga, was it an immediate passion or something that you grew into?

I initially walked into my local Yoga studio looking for just another way to get fit and tone, focusing on the more physical side of the practice as most people tend to do when they are starting out. With a background in dance it seemed like something that would be right up my ally movement wise and I guess I thought I would be 'good' at it. 

It wasn't until on month stay in Thailand many years ago now that I immersed myself in the yoga culture over there and suddenly there was this huge focus on breath, and mindfulness, and spirituality and once I went a bit deeper into the practice that's when I started to reap the real benefits of Yoga, finding more peace and balance in my life, and the rest is history, I was hooked! 

Health and fitness are clearly important to you, other than yoga how do you chose to keep fit? 

Working out at a gym has never seemed to appeal to me, but funnily enough after training hard leading up to my wedding last year I am really enjoying jogging (outdoors preferably but in these colder months its been the treadmill). I am drawn towards forms of exercise that are fun, and my body doesn't respond well to the same exercise routine day in day out so I have learnt to switch it up. I love dance, group fitness classes, and any form of exercise where I can connect breath and movement. 

What keeps you feeling balanced and happy while you busy with trying to keep your clients feeling balanced and happy? 

When I first entered the world of Yoga teaching I heard 'your own practice will be the hardest thing to keep up' and its true, when you are teaching so many classes a week it takes a lot of motivation to get on the mat for your own practice, but its the most important and valuable thing you can do for yourself and your students. 

I try and make at least one or two Yoga classes a week to enjoy being a student again, that's what makes me happy, keeps me grounded and fills my cup again so I can be the best, balanced, healthiest version of me for my own students. 

Which KTB bowl would you chose to keep you going on a crazy day when it would've been easier to just namas'tay in bed?

Can I have all of them? My fave is actually the low sugar bowl, I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth so I don't need any extra encouragement but never want to miss out on my KTB bowl so that's definitely my go to! 

If yoga could take you anywhere in the world where would you dream of going?

If Yoga could take me anywhere then it would take me EVERYWHERE...A one way ticket travelling the world with my husband teaching Yoga would be the ultimate. I am lucky enough that sometimes I get to do this, so when those opportunities come around I am beyond grateful to be living my dream! 

Can you feel it?

With Spring in the air we welcomed the warmer weather this month with some beautiful movers and shakers in Brisbane's health and wellness scene. With a little help from our friends at Lululemon we decided that Spring was the perfect time to focus on our senses. Smelling the sweet flowers in the air, listening to the birds sing, tasting our new delicious Spring bowls and feeling fabulous in our luxurious fitness wear.

The morning consisted of rising and slipping into our new Lululemon tights, depending on our desired feeling we were wrapped in a pair of pants which either left us feeling hugged, held in, tight, relaxed or... naked (seriously). Following this our divine health bloggers and yogis alike met at the Southbank store and started their day gently with blind folded yoga lead by Mel from Anchor Training.

Feeling rejuvenated and ready to seize the day the ladies moved over to a picnic breakfast where they tried a few of our new Spring Inspired bowls, sipped on TOP coffee and chatted about all things health and fitness.

It was a delightful way to welcome the season and a beautiful morning to converse with some incredible Brisbane based women who value their health and wellness as highly as we do at Kiss the Berry.

Stop. Drop and Run

This week our Health and Fitness ambassador Lillian talks about her love hate relationship with running and why we should all give it a go.

 I’ve always had this passion to run - or at least I like to think I do. I look at other people running and think to myself, what a luxury. Oh to be able to glide alongside the Brisbane River effortlessly; glowing with slight perspiration and maybe listening to some Beyonce because she motivates everyone, obviously.  

However, for me this is pretty much never the case - although the Beyonce part is accurate.

I am naturally not a runner - my chest gets tight, my shoulders seize up, I sweat a lot and the entire time my brain is telling me "stop, you’re dying". In spite of this ongoing experience with running I still seem to think of myself as a runner and even be so bold as to tell people “oh yeah I love running”. That there is a blatant lie.

 I did though run consistently throughout high school, I tried out multiple times for the cross country team, and during my first year out of school I managed to run in the blistering cold and snow while living in England. For some reason though in the last couple of years, even though I am relatively fit I have stopped running due to the increasing fear of the 3k run itself and well of course, the dying. I do miss it though and I yearn to be one of those people who walk into work on a Monday morning and say “went for a big run this morning” - admittedly I will also have to work on being a morning person. So that is why I am writing this embarrassing confession for you all to see.

I am ready to give it a go, (I mean my 56 year old Mother is running twice a week) so I am here today, to make a pledge to you that I am ready to stop pretending I am or for that matter am not a runner, drop my fears of the dreaded jog and just go and do it - run. If you too have put up a wall to the idea of running then I want you to join me on this adventure. I will ease myself into it maybe 3 or 4k and move up from there. I’m not quite ready yet to commit to the half marathon (one day) but I’m hoping I’ll be back soon to let you all know proudly that I am in fact a runner.

Why the Jam Doughnut Bowl is the perfect meal!

Why is the Jam Doughnut bowl the perfect meal alternative?

1. It contains pea protein! Protein is essential for keeping you full and preventing you from snacking across the day. A lot of women think that if they consume protein they will gain weight and become 'bulky' but it's actually the complete opposite. Protein is one of the hardest macro nutrients for your body to break down, increasing your metabolism in an effort to burn it. This also means it will also keep you fuller for longer as it digests.


2. It contains cinnamon! Cinnamon spice is a great inclusion in both smoothies and meals as it has a stabilizing effect on our blood sugar levels. Peaks and dips in blood sugar levels has been linked to sugar and carbohydrate cravings as well as low energy levels. Stabilizing these levels will help to prevent any unnecessary cravings and keep your energy nice and high all day long.

3. It's super high in antioxidants to boost your immune system and make your skin shine. The inclusion of acai, strawberry, almonds and stewed strawberry jam means this bowl is packed with your antioxidants for the day! 

Written by KTB nutritionist Jackie Morgan from @wellhubnutrition


5 Minutes with Rory from S.O.F

This week we were pretty excited to spend 5 minutes with Rory the head trainer from Science of Fitness. We picked his brain for his tips on how to live the life of a SOF boy. 

What keeps you motivated and passionate about what you do? I absolutely love my job. I really enjoy helping people and improving performance and with the added element of running the business, it ticks all the boxes. Working with a great team keep the moral high all the time and as a coach of elite performance and rehabilitation programs or general programs, getting to experience the highs and lows with people makes each day different and thoroughly enjoyable.

What are your three top tips for living out healthy lifestyle?
1. Balance - it’s so important to have balance in your life between working, training and having fun. People quickly lose motivation if there isn’t any balance achieved in your lifestyle.
2. Challenge yourself - humans thrive off a challenge. By identifying something that you’d like to achieve, you give yourself reason to work hard and there aren’t many better feelings than achieving a goal you’ve worked hard for. Whether it be to speak another language, learn to play a musical instrument or even finishing a book, challenge is critical do developing self confidence.
3. Get out of your comfort zone - that’s where the magic happens. It’s easy to sit back and do what you’ve always done but time flies and before you know it, you’re bored with the same routine. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you’re forced to develop as a person and thats where you really learn a lot about yourself.

What is your favourite way to exercise and move your body? I love participating in the hardest sessions I can. I love group work with people who are willing to push beyond the edge and challenge me to work harder. I love someone challenging me to ‘go again’ when I feel I’ve reached my limit.

How do you strive to achieve a happy and balanced lifestyle? I try to challenge myself to achieve new things, small and large. Challenging myself intellectually as well as physically keeps me sane and helps my development as a person. I try to also take some time away from work to have a bit of fun every now and again.

What is your favourite KTB bowl right now?  I really like the Odyssey Project Bowl, its awesome.

What is your ultimate dream? My ultimate dream is to be part of a brand recognised for helping people who really need it. I’d love to be a part of elite sporting programs as a coach for years to come and have a positive effect on the way people view a healthy lifestyle.

Join Kiss the Berry Fitness this weekend for our very own Saturday Sweat Session run by Rory himself! Head to our fitness page for more details. 

Why Exercising Is So Berry Important!

Why exercise so important to maintaining a positive mood and promoting general wellbeing?

One of the easiest and most productive ways to elevate our moods is to exercise. Just 30 to 45 minutes a day has been clinically studied to alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Exercise is a great way to distract the mind from worrisome or negative thoughts. In fact, 2 trials have now confirmed that regular intensive exercise can be as effective as prescriptions antidepressants in treatment mild to moderate depressive. It has also been proven to produce a more effective response to antidepressants, when combining exercise with prescriptive medication.

So how much is enough?

The National Activity guidelines for Australians recommends a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day on preferably all days of the week. Moderate exercise is something that gets you ‘huffing and puffing’. Fast paced walking, light jogging or a class of your choice at your local gym are good examples of moderate exercise. Being active throughout the day is important to achieve a balanced mood. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking or cycling to work or getting off the bus or train 1 or 2 stops before your destination and walking the rest are all easy ways to increase your overall physical activity level every day.

Content by Kiss the Berry Nutrition Advisor, Jackie Morgan @wellhubnutrition