This week our Health and Fitness ambassador Lillian talks about her love hate relationship with running and why we should all give it a go.

 I’ve always had this passion to run - or at least I like to think I do. I look at other people running and think to myself, what a luxury. Oh to be able to glide alongside the Brisbane River effortlessly; glowing with slight perspiration and maybe listening to some Beyonce because she motivates everyone, obviously.  

However, for me this is pretty much never the case - although the Beyonce part is accurate.

I am naturally not a runner - my chest gets tight, my shoulders seize up, I sweat a lot and the entire time my brain is telling me "stop, you’re dying". In spite of this ongoing experience with running I still seem to think of myself as a runner and even be so bold as to tell people “oh yeah I love running”. That there is a blatant lie.

 I did though run consistently throughout high school, I tried out multiple times for the cross country team, and during my first year out of school I managed to run in the blistering cold and snow while living in England. For some reason though in the last couple of years, even though I am relatively fit I have stopped running due to the increasing fear of the 3k run itself and well of course, the dying. I do miss it though and I yearn to be one of those people who walk into work on a Monday morning and say “went for a big run this morning” - admittedly I will also have to work on being a morning person. So that is why I am writing this embarrassing confession for you all to see.

I am ready to give it a go, (I mean my 56 year old Mother is running twice a week) so I am here today, to make a pledge to you that I am ready to stop pretending I am or for that matter am not a runner, drop my fears of the dreaded jog and just go and do it - run. If you too have put up a wall to the idea of running then I want you to join me on this adventure. I will ease myself into it maybe 3 or 4k and move up from there. I’m not quite ready yet to commit to the half marathon (one day) but I’m hoping I’ll be back soon to let you all know proudly that I am in fact a runner.