Over the next few weeks we will be sharing our best tips for surviving winter in Brisbane! First up is Barre Body Brisbane's newest class and our berry own KTB Chai Turmeric Latte.

1. Barre Body Brisbane
Why not try out Barre Body’s newest class! Barre Fit is a fitness based class, using big, dynamic movements and constant cardio, combined with that famous burn from our beloved body sculpting barre exercises. Using resistance bands at the barre, you’ll work your muscles like never before, while moving quickly to maintain a fast heart rate. The result? Incredible toning and fabulous cardiovascular fitness. If that doesn’t warm you up we don’t know what will!

Book in for a class via their website barrebody.com.au or find Barre Body on Instagram @barrebody 

2. KTB Chai Turmeric Latte
We are berry excited about our newest addition to the KTB menu our “Chai Turmeric Latte”. With all the anti-inflammatory benefits of a Turmeric Latte combined with the delicious and warming chai it’s the perfect way to cozy you up from the inside out on the chilly winter mornings (plus it’s super good for you!) Why not give it a try next time you visit either of our stores.  

Have a berry great week! KTB Team