Can you count on one hand the things you intended to get done this week, yet failed to accomplish? If you can well done, however, if your anything like us, we dream BIG but being organised and accountable is the only way we can execute these dreams of ours into reality.

Sundays for us may seem selfish to some, as we clear our diaries for a little ‘me time’ to provide space for our minds, bodies and souls to reset and prepare for another week. Understanding that we truly cannot help others, before we help ourselves is oh so important and our loved ones will hopefully respect this fact.

Sometimes sitting still is the only way forward’, ‘sometimes sitting still is the only way forward’, ‘Sometimes sitting still is the only way forward’  repeat these precious words for as long as you need.

Yes reaching your dreams takes a little bit of hustle, but prolonged days of hustling will only come back to bite you (trust us we know). Take time to do ‘nothing’ I know it may be scary for some as we are so used to the go go go mentality. Doing ‘nothing’ will vary between each one of you, but simply allowing yourself to clear your schedule for at least 1 afternoon a week will do you wonders, and you will find it easier to breathe again.  

Our top tips for a Sunday are;

1. Plan your meals for the week ahead to ensure your providing your body with nourishment all week long, your providing your mind & body with diversity and you keep within your budget

We like to collect our fresh produce from our local farmers market, this doesn’t have to be done on a Sunday, find your local farmers market and go from there.

2. Write down your 3 Big Rocks and what you would like to achieve from them this week

                For example they could look a little like this

                  Big Rock No. 1: Work

                  Big Rock No. 2: Health & Fitness

                  Big Rock No. 3: Blog

3. Whip together a DIY face mask - see recipe in the previous post

4.  Diffuse a relaxing blend of essential oils, we love combining doTERRA lavender & frankincense in our living room and bedroom

5. Lay out your workout clothes for the morning OR place them in your bag so you have them on hand after work

6. Write down in a notebook

   - The best thing that happened to you today

   - Something you learnt today

7. Sip on Digest Mayde Tea after dinner to help your body digest your food effectively and allow your body to use its energy to restore overnight. This tea is a beautiful blend; it’s sweet, soothing and fresh, containing the most favoured carminative herbs to help soothe the length of the digestive system (Try our Mayde Tea range in store)

8. Give yourself a self-massage with black sesame oil. This is an ancient Ayurvedic practice to nourish and nurture your body. This practice not only helps your skin, hair, nails and joints healthy but it stimulates and balances the energy points throughout your body. Purchase organic black sesame oil from your local health food store.

9. Stretch yo body or foam roll while you listen to a podcast or watch Netflix. It’s not always about taking things away berries, start introducing these nourishing practices and watch the old ‘habits’ naturally fall away

10. We know you already know this one, but….. switch off your electronic devices by 8:30pm. They mess with our circadian rhythm which has a longgg list of negative health impacts with hormonal disturbances sitting at the top percentile.

We hope that helps berries!

Get your girls together and keep each other accountable. We LOVE to see how you take our info into your own life,  simply tag #berrywellness to share the loveee

Happy Sunday Berries

Lots of love