I am a full on podcast addict. I love how much I can learn just from listening to an episode while I am driving the car or having a coffee at Bunker. What I think really resonates with me is that in every episode there either something that I can relate to exactly or I can learn from deeply. I use each episode that I listen too as a trigger from self reflection. Here are my favourite episodes I listen to this week:


Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert
Ep. 209 “Show Up Before You’re Ready”

On this episode Elizabeth Gilbert, best known for Eat Pray Love, dives deep with writer and activist Glennon Doyle Melton.

I loved this episode for how incredibly open and honest Glennon was. My absolute highlight and lightbulb, goosebumps moment.. Glennon shared one of her favourite scriptures, she says:

“Here I am” - It is such an important thing for women to feel like it is okay to take up your space on the earth, to be big enough and bold enough to say “Here I am!, Look at ME for a minute!”

Like wow! that is powerful! There are so many more lightbulb moments in this episode and is a must listen!


The Goop Podcast
Ep. “Soul of Money”

This episode gave me a really beautiful, fresh perspective on money. I think so often we get caught in the cycle of “I don’t have enough… I didn’t get enough sleep, I don’t have anything to wear, I didn’t get enough done today and the biggest one.. I can’t afford that or I don’t have enough money”. It is such a toxic cycle because it just makes us all feel like we aren’t good enough. This episode really helped my see how these negative thoughts can affect my bank balance. “What you appreciate, appreciates,” says Lynne Twist, global activist and author of The Soul of Money. 


Ladies We Need to Talk
Ep. Body image - why do we hate our bodies?

I am so grateful to the women who share their stories on this podcast series, and well, it is just insanely refreshing to know that I am not the only one.

This podcast series literally talks about everything you probably won’t talk about with even your best girl buds. You’re not alone, we all go through the same things, feelings and emotions. And, it is time we talk about it!

The tips and advice in this episode need to be listened by every woman ever!