Our friends from Eunoia Soul Rituals sat down with our Founder. We love what she had to say!


As the founder of popular QLD based acai café, Kiss the Berry, Sarah is no stranger to a busy day.
Between managing 5 stores and over 50 staff, her days are full, but every morning begins with a ritual or two.

Sarah knows the importance of starting her day on a positive note and mediation and self-hypnosis are just some of the tools she employs to keep stress at bay. I sat down with Sarah to ask her about her morning rituals and how she cultivates beautiful thinking each day...



What is your current morning routine?

As soon as I wake up, while I am lying in bed, I do a full set of Pranic Breaths. I then thank the universe for being alive, for having my body, my legs, my arms. I then send love to our stores, our managers, our team and my family. 

I usually will head straight to the bathroom, have a quick cold shower to help me wake up and then I love to rub some of the Eunoia Self Love Face Cream and some orange Dottera essential oil. I’m a Vata so my body loves citrus oils. 

Ed [my partner] and I will go for a coffee together to start the day, I’ll come home and make us a delicious smoothie and breakfast. 

Then last thing, I’ll write out my 3 goals of the day and 3 things I am grateful for. Then I write down my action list for my goals. I suggest using the MiGoals notepad to do this. 

Has your routine evolved over the years?

Yes yes yes! I didn’t even have a routine this time last year. The more I have grown and taken on more responsibility, the more I have introduced more love into my mornings. I started off just doing one thing and it has grown. 

Do you use any apps or products that enhance your sleep or morning routine?

I will always do a meditation before I go to sleep, I prefer GraceSpace. It helps me get to sleep so fast. 

What are you working on most at the moment and why?

I’m working really hard on not comparing myself and my success story to others. I’m also trying to be okay with riding the waves of business, being really busy at times and then at other times when I have a bit of space, I am working on actually taking that space and being grateful for it rather than feeling guilty. 

What do you do to cultivate beautiful thinking?

I work really hard on trying to correct my language that I use with myself and when I am talking to others about my current challenges. This is a working progress and some days are better than others. When I am positive and kind in my language, my day flows and I automatically feel beautiful and powerful. 

What's your favourite quote or affirmation?

Currently my favourite quote is from Andrianes Pinantoan, the Head of Growth at Canva, who says

“Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to other peoples highlights. Highlights are all we see in articles. What you don’t see - because people don’t publicise it - are all the struggles behind the scenes”

This is so real for me, especially with Instagram. Instagram at the end of the day is a Marketing too, people are using it to market the best of themselves. I’m working on not comparing where I am to what I see on Instagram.