Yoga is one of those things you really need to do a few times to give it a proper go. Between the omming, the downward dogs and the happy babies at first it can seem a little bit much. But trust me - go back a second time and then even a third and you'll be hooked. To give you a little insight into the happenings of a yogi I interviewed Brodie Rees. Hip Hop dancer by night and yoga lover and instructor by day, our girl Brodie shares her story with how she found yoga and why you should just give it a go.

If you had to describe yourself in three words what would they be?

That's a hard one! Personality wise - bubbly, loving and trustworthy

When did you first fall for yoga, was it an immediate passion or something that you grew into?

I initially walked into my local Yoga studio looking for just another way to get fit and tone, focusing on the more physical side of the practice as most people tend to do when they are starting out. With a background in dance it seemed like something that would be right up my ally movement wise and I guess I thought I would be 'good' at it. 

It wasn't until on month stay in Thailand many years ago now that I immersed myself in the yoga culture over there and suddenly there was this huge focus on breath, and mindfulness, and spirituality and once I went a bit deeper into the practice that's when I started to reap the real benefits of Yoga, finding more peace and balance in my life, and the rest is history, I was hooked! 

Health and fitness are clearly important to you, other than yoga how do you chose to keep fit? 

Working out at a gym has never seemed to appeal to me, but funnily enough after training hard leading up to my wedding last year I am really enjoying jogging (outdoors preferably but in these colder months its been the treadmill). I am drawn towards forms of exercise that are fun, and my body doesn't respond well to the same exercise routine day in day out so I have learnt to switch it up. I love dance, group fitness classes, and any form of exercise where I can connect breath and movement. 

What keeps you feeling balanced and happy while you busy with trying to keep your clients feeling balanced and happy? 

When I first entered the world of Yoga teaching I heard 'your own practice will be the hardest thing to keep up' and its true, when you are teaching so many classes a week it takes a lot of motivation to get on the mat for your own practice, but its the most important and valuable thing you can do for yourself and your students. 

I try and make at least one or two Yoga classes a week to enjoy being a student again, that's what makes me happy, keeps me grounded and fills my cup again so I can be the best, balanced, healthiest version of me for my own students. 

Which KTB bowl would you chose to keep you going on a crazy day when it would've been easier to just namas'tay in bed?

Can I have all of them? My fave is actually the low sugar bowl, I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth so I don't need any extra encouragement but never want to miss out on my KTB bowl so that's definitely my go to! 

If yoga could take you anywhere in the world where would you dream of going?

If Yoga could take me anywhere then it would take me EVERYWHERE...A one way ticket travelling the world with my husband teaching Yoga would be the ultimate. I am lucky enough that sometimes I get to do this, so when those opportunities come around I am beyond grateful to be living my dream!