January Supplier of the Month: Dan from Fonzie Abbott Coffee

January Supplier of the Month: Dan from Fonzie Abbott Coffee

KTB: Summarise yourself in one sentence. Who is Dan Pappas? What does he do?
Dan: Dan Pappas is a dreamer. 

KTB: Where did your passion for coffee derive from? What made you decide to start Fonzie Abbott coffee roasters? 
Dan: My passion started when I was working at a cafe when I was younger. It was a busy little cafe and I loved the challenge of different tasting coffee and how to change the flavour with different methods. 

KTB: How long has Fonzie Abbott been serving for?
 August 2011 is when I opened the doors to my first espresso bar. It was 40m2 and had a 6kg roaster. 5 years down the track and I still have that original Fonzie Abbott espresso but have upgraded to a 25kg roaster as well as a roasting facility in Albion with a cafe attached.  

KTB: What keeps you motivated and passionate about what you do?
Dan: I love travel and surfing, I’m extremely passionate about experiencing the world and what it has to offer and I am lucky enough to be able to do those things together, travel to surf and source and taste more beans! I actually don’t believe there is such thing as a perfect coffee so I’m forever searching for new flavour profiles and trying different things!

KTB: What do you enjoy doing that keeps your life balanced?
Dan: If and when I get time to be balanced i like to surf or be in the ocean, motocross and boxing keep me fit and above all my 10 month old son keeps me very balanced.

KTB: Your favourite KTB Bowl? 
Dan: Original. Can’t take away from the original and the best.

KTB: What makes you most excited about now working with Kiss the Berry? 
Dan: It's great to work with two young business women who are delivering a product which is at the top of there field. The brand is tasty and based around lifestyle and feeling fit healthy and happy — and the girls rock! 

KTB: Where does your dream for Fonzie go from here?
Dan: From here we are going to try to import all our own coffee from origin, which means lots of travel to countries where there is great surf. Bigger dreams buying a coffee farm in Nicaragua, then a brewery... and then a gin/vodka distillery. 

Photography by The Autumn Co.