This week we were pretty excited to spend 5 minutes with Rory the head trainer from Science of Fitness. We picked his brain for his tips on how to live the life of a SOF boy. 

What keeps you motivated and passionate about what you do? I absolutely love my job. I really enjoy helping people and improving performance and with the added element of running the business, it ticks all the boxes. Working with a great team keep the moral high all the time and as a coach of elite performance and rehabilitation programs or general programs, getting to experience the highs and lows with people makes each day different and thoroughly enjoyable.

What are your three top tips for living out healthy lifestyle?
1. Balance - it’s so important to have balance in your life between working, training and having fun. People quickly lose motivation if there isn’t any balance achieved in your lifestyle.
2. Challenge yourself - humans thrive off a challenge. By identifying something that you’d like to achieve, you give yourself reason to work hard and there aren’t many better feelings than achieving a goal you’ve worked hard for. Whether it be to speak another language, learn to play a musical instrument or even finishing a book, challenge is critical do developing self confidence.
3. Get out of your comfort zone - that’s where the magic happens. It’s easy to sit back and do what you’ve always done but time flies and before you know it, you’re bored with the same routine. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you’re forced to develop as a person and thats where you really learn a lot about yourself.

What is your favourite way to exercise and move your body? I love participating in the hardest sessions I can. I love group work with people who are willing to push beyond the edge and challenge me to work harder. I love someone challenging me to ‘go again’ when I feel I’ve reached my limit.

How do you strive to achieve a happy and balanced lifestyle? I try to challenge myself to achieve new things, small and large. Challenging myself intellectually as well as physically keeps me sane and helps my development as a person. I try to also take some time away from work to have a bit of fun every now and again.

What is your favourite KTB bowl right now?  I really like the Odyssey Project Bowl, its awesome.

What is your ultimate dream? My ultimate dream is to be part of a brand recognised for helping people who really need it. I’d love to be a part of elite sporting programs as a coach for years to come and have a positive effect on the way people view a healthy lifestyle.

Join Kiss the Berry Fitness this weekend for our very own Saturday Sweat Session run by Rory himself! Head to our fitness page for more details.