Lillian Beth knows that life is better when you’re sweatier and we couldn’t agree more. Check out her top 5 Brisbane sweat spots!

1. Science of Fitness

The legends at SOF really know how to make you work and are amazing with accountability and support. They have established an incredible community with a blend of athletes and the average person who just loves to get sweaty and have fun. My favourite workout with them is their Primal Saturdays because the energy in the space is so intoxicating and fun, it's followed by a discounted acai bowl at Kiss the Berry so it's all worth it in the end. 

2. Barre Body 

I absolutely fell in love with Barre Body a few years ago through an online program. As a lover of yoga and free movement and an ex - dancer Barre seemed to be exactly what my dreams were made of. This studio is absolutely exquisite and although I might be bias because it's now my place (haven) of work, I feel more beautiful, stronger and happier after I have spent some time burning out my toosh and flowing along to the music. It's a magical place full of love and really works the body in all the best ways. 

3. Harlow Hot Pilates and Yoga 

Again another gorgeous sanctuary to really check back in with yourself and send your body a bit of love it deserves. Harlow is the perfect place to really sweat out the day and move with intention and purpose on your mat. With the element of heat it takes a yoga or pilates workout to another level and you walk out feeling rejuvenated but still really feel that post workout glow (of sweat). 

4. Mornings with Coach Cal 

It's outdoors (which I love) and Cal has a get in and get it done approach. He is just starting out and is creating an amazing and connected community and it feels like a little family - perfect for a mid week sweat sesh. My current favourite is the Tuesday morning Run Class which works on all different techniques to improve your running skills and get fitter and stronger - plus it's always a laugh. 

5. Bend and Fly Yoga 

This studio is nestled up in the trees and feels a million miles away from the hustle of West End. Aerial yoga is delicious - especially savasanna in a little hammock like a cocoon, a must try. However, my favourite class here is on a Thursday morning and is a balance of Vinyasa and Yin yoga - the best combination if you ask me. It is lead by the best little Brisbane yogi Brodie Rees and is my little end of week treat to roll out my mat here and just sink into slow and juicy movement, my body and mind are is always incredibly grateful.