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Our top 5 favourite rituals for 2018!


Our top 5 favourite rituals for 2018!

The New Year has already arrived and while transitioning into this new white canvas waiting ahead of us it’s easy to forget how important it to slow down, take a long breath and rejuvenate before the busy, busy times that are coming towards us. We can easily let ourselves feel overwhelmed with all of the plans, bucket lists and resolutions that it can sometimes affect us in a negative way. We simply forget to take time to nurture and take care of our own energy. How often during these intense periods do we mindfully dedicate time to ourselves? How would we like to feel each and every day of this New Year? It is time for us to get clear on what we actually want to accomplish during the next couple of months. And to do so, we need to take time to take care of our mind, body and soul.

Here are five rituals and spots on the Gold Coast our Berries have found life changing during this time of the year!


1.      Morning Yoga and Meditation!

When The Studio Upstairs had opened just above our Burleigh Store, we have felt as if it was a sign for us to take care of our physical and mental health and spend more time practicing yoga. Waking up earlier just after the sunrise and dedicating an hour to flow in this beautiful white space has shifted our mindset completely. Being mindful about the way you ease into a day, spending some time to simply stretch and focus on breathing will regenerate your energy sources for the day and give you this famous post yoga glow! Both Elle and Bec have started The Studio Upstairs with a vision of creating a space for people to gather, relax and wind down. You can take part in regular yoga classes, workshops or book assisted stretching that will open all of the tensed parts of your body.

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2.      Soul Food!

How often do we start the New Year with an intention to get fitter, to lose those last couple of kilos, to slim down and just simply look better? This time we have decided to do it in a loving way. With a mindset all about embracing our beautiful bodies, we have decided to nurture them in the right way. Our main purpose within Kiss The Berry is creating the most nutritious bowls, that taste heavenly and bring all of the health benefits you are dreaming of. Variety of our bowls provide all necessary micro and macro nutrients and we always stock up on all of the possible superfoods. Acai itself is a little miraculous berry from Amazonian forest that is well known to boost your immunity and provide with vitamins and minerals. This year we would love to invite you to see one of our stores and discover why are we so passionate about our mission!

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3.      The Bath House!

When our beautiful friends from The Greenhouse Canteen and Bar decided to open The Bath House, we almost cried from happiness. Is there anything better for your mind and body than a day full of treatments, sauna and maybe even an amazing massage? It’s time to give back to your body all of the love and care it gives us each and every day, to unwind, relax and restore. After one day spent in this heavenly space, you will clear your mind and feel ready to start reaching towards all of your incredible goals and desires.

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4.      Escape the gravity!

Freeing your mind from all outside distractions in a sensory deprivation tank can be an ideal environment to completely and utterly restore and rejuvenate. Allowing your body to float weightlessly, free from gravity takes the pressure off your bones, muscles and joints. How does it work? Float tanks are based on a very dense Epsom Salt mixture in a flotation pod in which you lie down in lukewarm water. It promotes peaceful relaxation and eliminates fatigue that we may feel after our New Year celebrations.

You can experience how your body will react to this way of relaxation in Freedom Float Therapy and Wellness Centre just around the corner from our Burleigh Store.

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5. Reconnect with Nature!

One o our biggest intentions for this year was to spend more time in the incredible Nature of Queensland. We are fortunate enough to have the most beautiful National Parks just a short drive away from our Burleigh Store and it’s just the right time to mindfully take a moment to switch off, explore and reconnect. While visiting Gold Coast, make sure to take yourself for an adventure to Springbrook National Park, swim under the Purling Brook Falls, discover the Natural Bridge and walk through lush, green tropical forests filled with singing parrots under the blue sky!

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Happy New Year, Berries!



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