about living and promoting
a HEALTHY way of life.

We live with our heads in the clouds and our feet on the ground, encouraging our bodies and souls to be the best possible versions of ourselves.

We are PASSIONATE about living and promoting a HEALTHY way of life, nourishing our bodies with whole foods and enriching them with exercise.

We believe it is this combination of passion and health that brings ongoing HAPPINESS to our lives.

Each Saturday we are teaming up with one of Brisbane's best trainers to bring to you the perfect weekend workout so come along this week and get involved in the fun!

Where: Musgrave Park, South Brisbane
When: Every Saturday, 7:30-8:30 am
Price: Free! Plus every participant will receive a $5 discount off any bowl or smoothie thanks to Sambazon Acai.



This is Rory Maguire our favourite KTB crush. He is the head fitness and health coach at Science of Fitness and a Lululemon Ambassador.

Rory has worked with some of Australia's finest athletes and has a very unique approach to training, emphasising whole body movement and injury prevention. Rory will be joining us twice a month in Musgrave park to take a bootcamp style session and a kick boxing session.

The "You Do You" motto that SOF embodies means that each person will get a different experience and workout according to your personal limits and goals so come along and join in the fun.



Meet Caitlin Langford from the Fit Collective.

She wants you to:
1. Fall in love with taking care of yourself; mind, body and spirit.
2. Focus on the journey, the baby steps and the rest will fall into place.
3. Find something you love, then it effortlessly becomes a way of life.

With these mantras in mind she has you covered for a Saturday workout! They’ll be some strength work, some HIIT and a little bit (okay, maybe a lot) of sweat! More importantly there’s going to be friends, laughs and good times. Caitlin is here to help you achieve all of the above!



Kimberley Ravallion and Gretel Tippets are both currently representing QLD for Netball in the “Firebirds” Team and are motivated to live a healthy and happy lifestyle with passion! The girls find they are successful in their competitive sports careers because they love what they do and they train and nourish their bodies. 

“We work well together because Gretel is studying nutrition and dietetics and is always creating new meals and I am a qualified personal trainer that loves fitness and pushing to my limits”

“Together we motivate each other to be better and now want to motivate everyone around us”


Andrea Norton

Andrea is a Certified III & IV Personal Trainer! She specialises in women’s fitness with a real focus on healthy, sustainable fitness programs that are geared for long term results with short term, immediate changes.

Andrea’s training is a mix of body weight, free weights and HIIT with a focus on creating lean muscle and burning body fat in effective workouts. She loves creating fun and inviting group training classes that are challenging and get results!